Koi Mere Dil se Poochey tere teer e neem kash ko……Yeh khalish kahan se hoti jo jigar ke paar hota

The concept of foreign babu sahab coming over dressed like an englishman has been extremely over rated at one end he is cleaning toilets but when he returns boasts being neighbors with the Queen. People move abroad for various reasons mostly for economic stability and some for security but at the end of the day it’s a really heavy price to pay. Every expatriate, migrated citizen knows how painful it is to move to another city or country, no one wants to leave their home and shift to a place which shall always stay strange for you. No matter how many years you spend you always stay an alien and no one is willing to accept you.

People back home think you are digging gold and are very comfortable but the truth is you are always fighting a battle at one end defending your own values and at the other trying to fit in. I have had the displeasure of spending many months outside and away from home on several occasions. Although the normal days used to pass by in peace but a strange feeling of being alienated accompanied me at all times.The real pain strikes when you are celebrating a festival of your own and you have just a handful of hippocrates to share your joys with. The confused generation of foreign born desi’s has their own problems they try to fit in a culture but they always remain strangers. Desperately trying to fit in they face complex identity issues. If they return to Pakistan there is hell in making and if they stay abroad they can’t seem to fit in and long to have a place they can call home. I don’t know why we have so torn apart feelings but in all honesty we do. So the next time you see an expat try to look beyond the exaggerated, extravagant boasts you will find a void that cannot be filled.


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