7 Steps To De-Stress 

It’s beyond doubt that everyone is facing a huge amount of stress be it a large corporation or a start up the question remains as to how to beat this stress to stay healthy and productive.

  1. Don’t drink or smoke away. Let’s be clear Drinking and smoking are not the answers to your problems if anything it central nervous system depressant and hence the inability to think clearly. Smoking (although I’m a smoker myself) does not help.
  2. Take a walk: If you are not able to think clearly, just get off your chair and take a walk.It’s not just about mobilizing your employees, it’s important that you leave your desk and move around. Increased activity will improve blood circulation, activate hormones and will in turn improve your productivity and give you some exercise.
  3. Disconnecting: You can’t function 24 x 7. After a designated time just disconnect yourself from your smart phone put it on a silent mode or better yet switch it off, stop answering your e-mails, texts and chats, rest assured the world won’t stop without you!!
  4. Sleep: Yes you are a human being and you need sleep. Rest and sleep are absolutely imperative to beat stress and give you the strength to deal with the pressures.
  5. Breathing: It’s so simple a minute or two every working hour just close your eyes and take a few deep breaths holding them till the count of 10.
  6. Communicate with your employees. Yes your employees are a part of your setup, be it small or giant be it start up or centuries old these people are directly linked to the company so ask their opinion. You may not like it but some good might come out of it.
  7. Perspective: It’s imperative at times that you look at the problems and issues from another angle. Sometimes just looking from another perspective can help you solve problems.

So the next time you feel stressed think again !!


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