What does Pakistan Really Mean to our Leaders?

If you are under the impression that they consider it their country or home, please think again. The people of Pakistan have yet to realize that they are merely slaves working away for the handful elite class’s fruit farms when it’s time to harvest they come in and reap the fruits making empty promises. Just like in the 80’s and 90’s the people from all over Pakistan used to come work in Karachi make some money and return home to their villages, our leaders do the same. Qadri comes in from Canada, Nawaz and allies come from KSA, Zardari from UAE whilst some take instructions via GHQ but everyone is taking instructions from their “Siyasi Ann Daata” or political sustenance provider.

We common people work hard to make ends meet, paying individual and collective taxes on every possible commodity to ensure that our elite enjoy the fruits of our labor. We get threatened at every instance, face insecurities, Taliban strikes, bhatta mafia, water mafia, electricity shortage and natural calamities. Half the country is flooding and its so called son’s of the soil are sitting abroad enjoying their lives in UAE, Saudi Arabia and London with high end investments distributed globally everywhere except Pakistan,  whereas had they made the small dams instead of disputing we could have easily saved millions of people from becoming homeless. Our rulers, elite, bureaucracy, handful businessmen and opportunist vultures today are feeding on our children’s flesh and following the route devised by the manipulative oligarchs. When someone else demands the share they declare it a threat to democracy and run away in the name of illness or potential threats. I ask myself time and again till when are we going to be the oppressed class but unfortunately I am still waiting for an answer!!!


3 thoughts on “What does Pakistan Really Mean to our Leaders?

  1. Kashif Bhai the example given by you is childish. The laws are made for the poor not the elite class.Read the entire constitution , it does not contain any thing for the poor.


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