Intellectual Death

Everyone mourns the the death of an intellectual but no one realizes the intellectual death faced by people. There comes a time in your life when you need mental compatibility, someone with whom you can discuss your deepest fears, your thoughts and talk on and on for hours with out the fear of being judged or misunderstood. Unfortunately this is a rare blessing and it only comes once or twice in your life for some people. These days people are engrossed in problems to the level where they don’t have the time or the energy to bother about intellectual discussions. Most social media groups are full of idiotic behavior where only on rare occasions you may find something intellectually stimulating. The necessity of such intellectual discussions arises when people want to focus on solutions rather than the problems and have the courage to open up. It may not last for hours but such intellectual gatherings do. I’ve had the pleasure of spending countless hours with one of my friend’s with whom I was able to talk about anything from my fears to what’s beyond these glittering stars.

Poets, philosophers, intellectuals particulary in south east asia had such long gatherings where they discussed issues, intellectually groomed and nurtured themselves but the present state of commercialization has brought us to a level where we can only hope to see something in a fictional program on the idiot box or read about something intellectually stimulating over the internet. In the developed world the phsyciatrists have taken this role but they just act as a mirror throwing questions right back at you sans empathy treating you like a number as the commercial aspect comes in to play.It’s such a painful state when I realize that our children will never have the opportunity to actually go deep inside the philosophical aspects of life as they would be too busy making ends meet or juggling on various social networks. So the next time you have some time, sit down over a cup of coffee with a friend and talk to them may be you will find your intellectual soul mate I’m still searching……..


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