The Clueless Law enforcement of Pakistan

It’s funny how people expect that things will turn around all of a sudden but the truth is it doesn’t happen that way. Reflecting on a recent visit a number of cunning bureaucrats revealed that the investigation agencies are unaware of the legal routes and the legitmate loop holes on the basis of which the whole game has been played and they have no understanding of the process. This clearly means that unless a team of honest informers and legal experts,(which is impossible to compile) are with them they can’t do a damn thing except harass people making them approvers against selected establishment and political enemies. Some of the officials involved in investigations have been known to ask the accussed to guide them how they can have their share in the illgotten gains with out being tracked. The corrupt bureaucracy and politicians are questioning the legitimacy of actions by FIA as according to them FIA cannot operate directly on the provincial government matters and jurisdictions. The rangers recently gave the statement enlightening all the hopeful that they are only providing security to the FIA officials conducting investigations. NAB has been grilled time and again by the honorable supreme court of Pakistan but still hasn’t delivered any results. The newspapers I was working for sent tons of evidences of corruption and serious economic crimes by PIA officials to FIA, NAB, Supreme Court of Pakistan, Prime Minister and President house but no goddamn action was ever taken. Even the case pertaining to True Star Group has not been heard for ages. Shamefully the company who was willing to invest millions of euros in Pakistan and create jobs has lost its heart and decided to focus on markets that have lesser corruption. Analysts on account of anonymity confirm that the law enforcement agencies are presently picking up on blunders like china cutting made by some idiots. Whereas the real crimes are still going on openly and no one is bothered about them.


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