Child Molestation in Kasur a Curse

Objectively looking at child sexual abuse we stand slaves to money and perversions where helpless children are being used to satisfy hideous cravings of rich people. It reminds of the times of slavery where the owners had every right over their slaves but after Islam everything was clear and no suppression or oppression was encouraged or even remotely allowed.

Long before the turn of the millennium the Afghans have taken the hideous trade to a higher level providing child prostitutes called bacha baazi. This phenomenon has recently resurfaced in the media where in Kasur Pakistan an MPA has been accussed of selling child pornography. In 2014 Pope Francis was convicted of child trafficking , rape and murder, he also helped traffic 30,000 children of missing political prisoners into an international child exploitation ring run by an office at the Vatican from Argentina. For further details please refer to my article Senator Pervaiz Rasheed the federal minister for information claimed its no big deal and media is only making a hype, Rana Sanaullah is also saying the same thing whereas Dawn news reported that the inquiry commission has found no truth in the matter ( Hippocratically there is not a single political party that has come up with a plan to move against this injustice, however had it been a raid by the rangers or the matter of rigging in elections millions would have been screaming right now. I ask Asif Ali Zardari, Nawaz Sharif, Shahbaz Sharif, Pervaiz Rasheed, Ishaq Dar, Imran Khan God forbid had this been your child what would you have done? Sat in the parliament and protested by submitting a useless motion or came out on the streets like people with real conscious. http://@ImranKhanPTI says he will pursue it in the parliament”, my reply to him why not on the streets is a child porn less important than your bloody seats? Think as a father not a politican. Honestly feel sorry for the people who prefer to stay quiet out of fear and sacrifice both mental and physical well being of their children to save their own skins. I would appeal to the honorable Supreme Court of Pakistan, General Raheel Shareef and other investigating authorities to consider these children just like if it were their own child and simply emasculate these swines in public and let the public do the honors of killing them with the permission of the State. And if we need a bloody new law for it our parliamentarians should get off their bums and take immediate action. The whole world should come together and do what ever it takes to curb this once and for all.  I curse from the bottom of my heart that “May Allah’s Wrath destroy the accussed and those who are protecting them, Aameen.”


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