An Anxious Parent

Every parent can understand that raising children is not a joke, especially if you are a single parent or your spouse is physically compromised. However hearing about the circumstances and crimes around you can easily make you loose sleep. Especially after what happened to innocent children in Kasur it really shook me to the bones.

Today was such another day, as I was searching for a test for my children’s career plan I happened to calculate and it suddenly dawned on me that by the time my daughter finishes her high school or A levels I will be 46 and by the time my son does the same I’ll be pushing 50. Watching my health today I realized that it’s going down hill and with my spouse bedridden for the nearly 8 years the immense stress has taken its toll. I can understand that most single parents go through the same stress and my sympathies are with them. Everyone has an excuse for marrying late, most have monetary issues and education acting as hindrances’ which are quite logical but at some stage we need to review our strategies and think again, if you are Muslim than you should be very sure that Allah Alone Shall Provider of Sustenance but if you think Gucci bags, and Jimmy Choo shoes come under the category of sustenance then you are sadly mistaken . Once in the life Mirza Asadullah Khan Ghalib the famous poet came a day when he received his stipend from the government and spent all his money on buying booze when his wife asked him “Mirza yeh tum ne kia kiya? saray paisey ki sharab le aye” he replied “Allah ne rizq ka waada kia hai sharab ka nahi is liye mein sharab le aya”. Marrying early has its advantages, men have their best sexual performance in their teens and twenties. Having released sexual tension men in their 20’s are able to concentrate better on things, provided they have no severe monetary pressures or drug habits and this is where joint family system comes in to play. If the whole family is living together and eating together it means lesser rent and expense pressure compared to living on their own. If they have kids the grand parents can support by babysitting or at least keeping an eye on them so the young parents have less pressure. For people who think they haven’t found the right partner yet I think no one is absolutely right you have to compromise in some way. Please don’t search for a perfect match and if you think family life is not important then don’t screw your kids lives.

Personally I think if I could go back in time I would have married at least 5-6 years earlier so perhaps by this time I wouldn’t be facing this anxiety. My friends and readers may or may not agree but again the beauty of nature is that everyone is entitled to their individual opinions.

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