Loneliness Hurts

Time and again loneliness comes to bite you, tease you and sometimes bring tears to your eyes. At times people come in your life and pass by you like a breeze of fresh air, or a boquet of aroma leaving their impact on your heart and soul forever. Usually we surround ourselves with loud volumes and keep ourselves engrossed in activities that help us not feel lonely but there comes a time in our lives when all of us are alone and mostly lonely and this is when we really miss the people that acted like a shade on a sunny day. I was visiting a hotel recently and had sometime on my hand, so I sat down with a cup of coffee and started comparing, there I felt a lonely person is like a hotel, people come eat drink be merry expect you to be a part of it and then just leave you with fond memories and sometimes unpleasant ones but as the night comes to an end all but few return to their nests. As shakespere explained the seven stages of life that we are all actors playing our parts in this world and with each cue we must move on.  Just like migaratory birds they come in flocks but none of them stay behind, they come some feed others breed and some poop on you but at the end of the day everyone leaves you behind. At the end of the day what or who stays behind with you is what really matters. Be it your children or family everyone moves on at one point in time and lonliness starts to get to you. There is no particular cure to this pain as no matter what happens you have to let go. Learning to let go and be at peace is the hardest part and unfortunately no matter how immune you get, it still hurts.


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