Bad Marriage

Every married couple goes through a rough patch in life but sometimes this bad patch extends so much that it becomes a life style. I have seen many marriages go bad to worse but very few have improved. They survive through them either for the sake of children or simply because they have no where else to go. After a certain period of time people start suffering what they call the “Stockholm syndrome” as put beautifully by a poet “itne maanoos huey sayaad se hum………….ab rihai miley gi to mar jaien gey”. I have many friends who have been the victims of bad marriages, primarily the power struggle brings them to the stage where either they compromise and keep suffering considering it destiny or just walk away.

Every couple suffering has been the victim of external influence in their marriage. If the woman is under influence of her family, as her sister, mother and her family will keep interfering in her life. She lets her family manipulate her life with out realizing that the people she thinks are her own are actually trying to destroy her married life. Sometimes you have to make a tough choice and decide whether you want to lead a life with your spouse or your interfering family. Not one but many married couples and their children have been victims of such politics and it’s a shame that the parents who are supposed to think well for their children actually are primarily responsible for their break ups and sufferings. The same principal applies to the men’s families who are constantly nagging and interfering in matters that do not concern them however the setup we live in the groom’s family definitely has the upper hand in many things and the woman marrying into the family has to change and accommodate herself rather than expecting everyone else to change. Pseudo feminism and over the counter placebos of liberty bring on such rigid attitudes that may lead to a bad marriage and evidently divorce and if not definitely suffering. It’s not uncommon for women raised in the west or under pseudo western influence to feel superior to the man but not every man can act as a poodle. So I suggest they should look carefully and consider all aspects before screwing someone’s life. Couples who want to end their relationships should consider very carefully the possible intensity of impact on their children and how it will shape their lives. I feel no shame in admitting that I am a victim of a very bad marriage and it has brought great distress upon my family and kids but it is just because of my children that I’m sacrificing. I’m hoping that God will someday give my wife the sense to differentiate between her real family and the one’s she considers family.


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