Talking to an Idiot

All of us at some point in time come across idiots in our lives regardless of their gender and relation to us be it coworkers or relatives.  And despite trying our best we end up arguing with these nincompoops who feel the world revolves around them. Unfortunately they try to argue on the most stupid of topics that lead to nothing but distress for all concerned. Many offices and families are filled with such people but the question is how to tackle them.

Step 1: Avoid coming in contact or an argument with them.

Step 2: Truth is always bitter and if they can’t take it they should return to their origin.

Step 3: If you are faced with a situation where it becomes absolutely unavoidable and you don’t want to pick a fight just apologize and move forward. They are incorrigible and there is no point in wasting your breath on them.

Step 4: If unfortunately they are a part of your family, it leaves you no choice but to ignore them.

Step 5: If it’s the last resort teach them a lesson and in such a manner that they never forget your face for the rest of their lives.


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