“Social Media The Dark side, Enjoy Responsibly”

Playing with social media has become one of the most favourtie pastimes of the decade, especially with the improving quality of smart phones and mobile internet. Facebook, twitter, instagram, snapchat and various other social media have grown sporadically over the past few years but as much as they are a blessing sometimes these social media sites reveal a lot more about you than you may care to share and it’s not their fault primarily because the people are a little too careless. Although some companies do sell your information to marketing companies and other intelligence sources, it’s still your fault if you place blind faith in them, allowing them to tag your locations and share intimate or vital information.

  • If it’s about increasing your social portfolio consider sites like linkedin which do not have your family photos on them and limit the user’s interaction to professional activity.
  • Whilst it’s important to have a good social network, don’t add just anyone you don’t know.  Review their profile carefully and if you have a common connection check with them first.
  • Don’t post your selfies and intimate images, people can misuse them on objectionable places.
  • Don’t trust everything you read!!! Every piece of information has many aspects look in to them.
  • It’s a great marketing tool but if you fall for a scam no one will take responsibility.
  • Please exercise caution! Not everyone is as honest as they claim to be, there are all sorts of introverts turned perverts in this world.
  • Social media apps help you stay in touch with your loved ones but if you want to fall in love, social media is not a medium.
  • Please keep an eye on your kids, their contacts and their liked pages if you find anything remotely objectionable talk to them and rectify immediately.
  • People use facebook, twitter, instagram and various other apps at work all the time and if you are using the company network please know you are under constant watch.
  • Geo tagging and location posting has been hot in the past few years however thieves and kidnappers have been able to identify potential targets. If you really want to boast about a nice dinner, do it after you are back home and done.
  • Lastly limit your sex life to what’s real, if you don’t have one you aren’t going to get one online.

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