My Question to the World

In this temporary abode of earth which every soul shall leave after spending a given time why have we become so inhuman? Why are we creating fights, conflicts over something that none could retain. Have they not seen of what happened to those before them? who were much bigger in strength, wealth and power!

Syria has over 2 million asylum seekers/refugees/internally displaced affected by the ongoing conflict out of which 0.8 million are under 12 years and a total of 1 million are under 18. These are approximate figures of people that have managed to leave the country. Just recently a two boys just slipped from their parent’s hands as a migrant boat overturned, a young boy washed ashore dead on a beach in turkey. I ask all the custodians of Islam and the Kings /rulers/monarchs of various Muslim countries, “what will you answer Allah (Swt)on the day of judgement. With trillions in oil money and huge land could they not have accommodated or employed refugees? Could they not have installed them and provided them with food and shelter till the end of the crisis? Could they not have saved millions of people’s lives by merely providing them a temporary safe haven? Could they not have jumped in and sorted out the crisis in Syria? The European Union is running from pillar to post pushing UK, Italy, Turkey and other countries to accept migrants whereas no one has asked Saudia Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Brunei or any of these oil rich countries to provide them shelter till the crisis is over. No matter what it really breaks my heart to see that people who eat swine flesh have a better heart than

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those who don’t because they have become swine themselves. It’s very unfortunate that despite long going crisis no oil rich Muslim country has bothered to accommodate or facilitate the common Muslims.

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