Detoxify Your Soul

A lot has been said about detoxification of the human body but no one has concentrated on detoxifying the soul. Unfortunately we are constantly struggling to make our lives better but it’s just superfacial and no matter how much you try the darkness of the soul will eventually re-appear and you will be left perplexed. Today I would like to share some tips of detoxification of the soul.

  1. Let go of the negative energy. It’s easier said than done but once you manage to let go of your pains and agonizing thoughts you will loose a lot of excess baggage. Try clearing your chakras with breathing exercises. Your aura needs to be clear in order for you to absorb positive energy. Just sit with your legs crossed for 5 minutes close your eyes, inhale deep from your nose and exhale from your mouth. You can also hold your breath upto the count of ten and then slowly let go.
  2. Stop waiting for a savior: Don’t wait for someone to come in to your life to help you change. Change has to come from within so if you want to look somewhere look inside yourself and declutter your soul.
  3. Be grateful: Gratitude brings you relaxation and energy that will help you fight the difficulties more efficiently. Look at the beauty of nature around you, give it a few seconds and appreciate the world you live in.
  4. Prayers: No matter what your diety, prayers and faith are your inner strength that will help you achieve your goals with eternal blessings.
  5. Stop lying and deceiving: It’s one thing to lie accidently but it’s a totally different story to be a pathological liar. What ever the circumstances try stating the complete truth, if it’s too difficult start with yourself first and then move to your kin, beloved, coworkers and eventually all the people around you. Soon you will not have to remember what you told someone.
  6. Mind your own business: Yes sometimes we just get dragged in to issues and relationships without deliberately knowing end up in a mess. The best thing is to keep out of any such issue that doesn’t concern you.
  7. Talk to yourself: Don’t expect a friend to give you a pep talk, people don’t have time and no one knows you better than yourself after God. It’s imperative that you give yourself a reasonable amount of time ranging from 5-15 minutes daily where you just sit down alone and leave your mind to wander.
  8. Karma: Yes it’s true Karma bites back but you only reap what you sow. If you are scared of what might come forward start meding ways today for a better tomorrow.
  9. Smile for no reason: No matter how difficult the day has been stand in front of the mirror and smile even if you don’t feel like it. Alternatively join a laughter club near you.
  10. Escape: It’s never the answer!! No guru or ashram can provide you with inner peace unless you make an effort.

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