An Honest unbiased School Review

Today I would like ease the stress of many of my friends living abroad desiring to move back to Pakistan but worried about their children’s educational careers. I have reviewed several schools in Karachi and their student performances for the last academic year. As a parent my considerations have been good education, character building, over all non racist ambience premises security have been the four major parameters. From the four selected schools and randomly selected branches based on the student and parent feedback and personal observations. Based on the main concerns and rating from 1-10 with 10 being the highest, these are my observations. Based on your choice and priority you can select either.

School Ambience Quality of Education Character Building Premises


Final Result out of 30 points
City School 7.5 6.0 4.0 8.0 25.5/40
BeaconHouse 7.0 5.5 4.25 7.0 23.75/40
River Oaks Academy 8.0 8.5 9 7.0 32.5/40
Karachi American School 9.0 9.0 3 10 31/40
Bay View Academy 9.0 8.5 5.5 9.5 32.5/40

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