God Save Our Children from These Perverts!!!!

With a sexually augmented appetite, hunger for eternal youth and tyrannical nature the middle eastern oil rich arabs have been known to find younger virgin women and boys a particular to satisfy their perversions. A huge amount of testosterone injections, crèmes, pills along with other aphrodisiac based foods are constantly smuggled to serve these rich tyrants. Unfortunately each tragedy anywhere in the world becomes an opportunity for them to serve their sexual perversions be it an earth quake, war or a displacement disaster prostitution rings become active in the name of NGO’s and humanitarian aid to promote human trafficking. The rich people send their agents towards that area seeking marriage proposals with young girls barely entering puberty by offering the families money and shelter, young boys are also bought to satisfy these hideous perversions. This abuse has been going on for just too long now and it’s about time people stood up to their faces. The most immediate thought and suggestion that comes to mind is to castrate them and leave them to bleed to death. Our politicians have also played a great role in promoting this tax free trade using their daughters and grand daughters as bait in order to maintain power and have the back up political support. Looking at the current situation in syria, I came across an interesting article http://shoebat.com/2015/05/11/rich-arab-muslims-flock-to-refugee-camps-to-buy-little-syrian-girls-for-sex-andor-temporary-marriage/ This reminded me of my blog “The Honey trap “https://kashifmoten.wordpress.com/2015/05/18/prostitution-a-history-of-secrets-2-the-honey-trap/” where I have covered the aspect of child sexual abuse and molestation trade promoted primarily by afghans as bacha bazi”. I recall reading a wise man’s quote once saying “Islam is the best religion and Muslims are the worst believers.” Child molestation, homosexuality are not allowed in Islam however polygamy is permissible but there are some really strict regulations of balance that must be enforced at all times, but people just bank on the fact that they have the privilege without realizing the true essence of the above.


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