What Really is Sugar Tax?

Sugar tax means that every ounce of sugar you consume the government will get a substantial portion of tax on it, this will mean that the prices will increase and companies like Coca Cola, Pepsi Inc and other large soft drink brands, popular brand sales will definitely take a strong hit with an expected increase of upto 7 pence per 330ml translating approximately up to 14% in price rise taking an average of 50-70 pence per 330 ml. It will also effect the sales of juices and other beverages that may contain sugar which is virtually in almost everything unless it’s been replaced by artificial sweeteners which are again poison.

Looking on the matter these companies are primary sponsors of large political campaigns and essentially spend millions of pounds in favour of parties that the international establishment. The long term perspective would mean that the British government will have more money for the submarine project being outsourced to US navy, various wars can be fueled and all this would be coming out of the common bloke’s pocket. On official papers this would translate in to lowering the government expenditure on obesity and its related problems hence lessening the burden on NHS which could very marginally lower the so called burden over a period of 10 years.The question instead of imposing a tax why doesn’t britian invest in an awareness campaign? The answer is very simple they are just creating the issue to fuel their own campaigns not for the common bloke.


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