Donald Trump Has Gone Mad

Yes many will agree with me that Donald J. Trump the  potential candidate for Presidency has lost his mind. He is pushing US in creating the third world war which will have extremely undesirable consequences. After mocking the NY times reporter he is now trying to cash in by promoting hate and racist sentiments. In his recent statement he said that he said he wanted to ban Muslims from entering USA until the US establishment figures out what the hell is going on? At this point I have two questions? Firstly what the hell is the US establishment doing? Are they selling peanuts out of Washington and Langley? Secondly what will the US gain by banning Muslims? To those who do not understand Muslims have a great contribution in the US economy, alienating them would essentially mean that the oil will not be sold in US$, all Muslim countries trading with the US will be stopped immediately. The US economy will collapse and eventually go bankcrupt. If the USA is ready for this then they should elect Trump because today he is banning Muslims, tomorrow he will talk about banning Mexico then China until he turns the whole world against the USA. The world leaders who have been loyal terriers are already condemning his anti Muslim statements. I can just hope the Americans will vote based on policies not social media trends.


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