Sugar “The New Declared Enemy”

An essential to fuel the body system sugar is being declared the new enemy to human health. Leading to obesity and various other complications scientists are now lobbying against over consumption.

If we evaluate our daily lives we can see that we are consuming a lot more than we burn and this is leading to various diseases. It’s important to understand that sugar is a vital ingredient and an absolute necessity to the body but at the same time due to various technological advantages we spending more and more time sitting on our bums whilst consuming high sugar beverages. Be they hot chocolates on a nice chilly evening, soft drinks, alcohol or numerous cups of tea or coffee everything translates to glucose. Stress levels and mental strain consumes a great lot of energy and what we used to do by moving physically is now being done by a simple touch. The question is how do we reduce and maintain the sugar intake? First and foremost stop over eating, consuming junk food, sodas, alcoholic beverages, coffee drinks, chai lattes as most of these items contain much higher volume than your recommended daily sugar intake in order to make them more palatable.

Furthermore you need to review your eating habits, yes it’s imperative that if you are a big fan of sugar then you consume it in the morning or early hours of day which gives your body the time to metabolize and consume it rather than having a nice banana split at night and then dozing off to bed. People are trendily avoiding breakfast now whereas having a good breakfast is imperative. If you feel hungry try eating a couple of almonds or walnuts in between with a sugar and milk free green tea. Lemon and water without sugar are a good replacement for soft drinks. Have a reasonable lunch where you still feel you have the capacity to eat another 20% but choose not to and for dinner it’s a cardinal rule “keep it light” you should essentially feel slightly hungry before you go to bed.

The golden rule which has helped me maintain my waist line for the past 24 years is only eat as much as you require not as much as you desire. Once in a while it’s acceptable to be luxurious with your meals but on a regular basis it’s suicide.


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