Virginia Raggi, The Mayor of Rome

In the 2500 year history of Rome, a sudden change has brought a breath of fresh air as the city elected its first female mayor Virginia Raggi. Well presented, fresh faced, sensible lawyer who entered politics just five years ago has made history

Virginia is just 37 years old, with a bookish personality. She lives in the suburbs of Rome, with her Radio producer husband and son Matteo. Raggi has specialized in copyright and intellectual property issues and speaks fluent English.

Repeatedly facing the problems & realizing the disinterest of the conventional politicians in the city and it’s resident’s problem she joined the M5S in 2011. Presenting her ideology as the voice of the common man, “simple” or “common sense” solutions, she has pledged to usher in a “gentle revolution.”

Her political rivals have repeatedly pointed out that she had worked for the law firm that represented former controversial Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. However her anti establishment stance convinced the fed up citizens, exhausted with the status quo, corruption, crippling debts, pot holes and other civic problems that they decided to elect her the mayor. With her head held up high she now stands to be the first female mayor of Rome.



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