To Remain Or Not To Is The Question Thy Asketh

As the sun shines shyly in some parts of the country whilst others drowned in torrential rain, Britain votes whether to remain in the EU or to leave. The people are in an utter state of confusion. Some think it will result in more taxes, lesser jobs, declining NHS and social services.

Politicians have been desperately lobbying to convince the citizens of Britain to believe them whether they should remain or exit the European Union. Social media sites have been going crazy about the notion and huge payments have been made to companies to generate both positive and negative discussions about this controversial issue. Discussing this with several individuals and some intellectual minds it has been a totally contrary perspective. The common citizens who sadly place their trust in the politicians and political parties are adamant on their perspective. Whereas the intellectual minds have been debating on this issue for ages, so far neither party has been able to convince me on neutral grounds as to why or why shouldn’t Britain exit the EU. Some are worried about the impact on job market whilst others just don’t want to see any more migrants taking their jobs. NHS has been a grave concern for people completely or partially dependent on its fairly pathetic services. The political parties are using it to pressurize their opponents and malign them on various levels. Some people are worried that the results might have a distinct effect on Scottish referendum.

The most comfortable I find today are people who have decided not to vote because they don’t trust the electoral system that was already rigged during pre-poll registrations. The question still remains at bay whether England will be able to survive within or without the EU as its principals are going down the drain either ways.


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