Money & Power have No Religion

Crude as it may be, but sadly true power and money have no religion. Reflecting on the history of the world we can clearly see that irrespective of the color caste or ethnicity money and power have corrupted people and they have been the key motivations behind every action regardless of the era.  Even in the world today, no matter what any politician says it stands true.  The recent activities by ISIS or Al Qaeda in previous years or any other faction of terrorist organization is purely motivated by these two factors.

Politicians, intelligence agencies, political parties, opposing countries, financial manipulators and the likes of those constantly use them for their personal and professional benefits but never for the benefit of the common man. Every other day we hear a blast or some sad news somewhere across the globe and within hours the media comes out claiming that they have received confirmation of some banned organization claiming responsibility of the event.  Surprisingly the so called Muslim organizations never dare to attack Israel but are always looking forward to attacking Mecca and Medinah. They always talk about the Arab spring but never Palestinian struggle, they never do anything for the Muslims in Burma, the innumerable deaths in Sudan, innocent people who are killed across the globe are unaccounted for. Where ever there are resources that need to be tapped, oil that needs to be stolen, banking sector that needs to be manipulated these people start their activities in the same area and pave way for the international forces  for a global intervention.  It seems that their actions act as a prophecy for the global leadership to decide their next target. Au contraire in reality these are nothing but hired touts offering services as and when needed to the highest bidder. So the next time you hear or see a militant organization doing something or claiming responsibility, look at the motivating factors and true beneficiaries of the action both in the long and short term.


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