An Open Letter To All Heads of States & Politicians

On behalf of the common people of all nationalities, religious beliefs, casts and discriminatory characteristics, as you might have guessed the world is coming under a serious threat of terrorism, improper distribution of wealth, corruption, hunger & poverty.  A particular mindset stimulated and used by your governing agencies is deliberately bringing problems to the common man. Despite the fact that you and your governments have been sucking our blood like thirsty vampires we have tolerated this so far. Your competing politicians have decided to use this against you by provoking people just like your kind self when you were in the opposition. Toying with people’s emotions and giving them false hopes.  We must remind you that we are humans not commodities, or pawns on a chessboard and we don’t earn to feed your dogs and agents.

As of today, we strongly suggest you to get your act straight and stop meddling in other country’s affairs for your own bloody personal benefit. We don’t give a damn about your luxuries as long as they are not at the cost of our kin, blood or tax.  Whether you are an oligarchy, a so called democracy or a monarchy, if you are unable to provide people with what they are entitled to or what they had voted you in for or the constitutional duties towards the people please walk away after returning all the money that you have stashed in various countries under different names and identities.  Please don’t test our patience and do what needs to be done immediately before we have to do it for you.



The Voice of the Common Man.



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