Bridging Cultures Through Music

A pleasantly charming evening arranged by Goethe Karachi, German consulate and NAPA on the eve of 19th November 2016, the moderately pleasant weather the outside the National Academy of Performing Arts auditorium presented its usual calm, picturesque look but as we entered the auditorium the vibrancy changed dramatically. It had been years, that we witnessed an auditorium so packed, with people sitting on floor, staircases and standing in the doorway there was hardly any space left as Goethe Karachi presented yet another fascinating evening where the German band “Melt Trio”.

20161119_212355.jpgTrue to its name the Melt Trio exceptionally managed to melt the audience’s hearts presenting them with soulful music that filled the ambience with mellifluous sounds. A unique combination fascinating and exceptionally pleasing! with Peter Meyer on guitar, Bernhard Meyer on bass & Moritz Baumgärtner on the drums the Trio presented a mesmerizing performance in collaboration with Ustaads Nafees on Sitar and Ustad Basheer on Tabla. The overall experience was pleasant and exquisite, it makes me look forward to the next concert being held at the Karachi Arts Council.


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