“Experimental Music”

Electronica is a misunderstood genre of music that is generally perceived to be unauthentic as it is produced by using digital audio work stations and advanced equipment. Traditionally music in the South Asian region has been hijacked by dynasties conventionally awarded by Mogul Emperors or British Raj(gharanas, qawaals and meerasis). Critics have their own versions of the range of acceptability of the genre, some compare it to gibberish whilst the new breed is rather liberal about it. 15216054_10154161209040488_1802657498_o.jpgAs a part of the Karachi Files, Stefan Winkler Director of Goethe Karachi with his competent team, Consulate General of Germany in Karachi & Karachi Arts Council brought the combination electronic musicians who brought Experimental Music to Pakistan. The beauty of the music was soulfully exhibited by the talented musicians, with a wide variation that was a treat for the listeners. The unique use of percussion was very distinct and the use of bow on the bass guitar by Ramsha was rather innovative who personally is more inclined towards drone music. A generous portion of the joy filled crowd enjoyed themselves liberally forgetting all worries in life for a while whilst some were rather unaware of the soul of this genre. Meeting and discussion with the very humble and down to earth people musicians was an absolute pleasure. Their education and finesse was broadly reflected by their attitude. The open theater was very uncomfortable & rather inappropriate for this kind of a performance (unfortunately limited by choices) but it was over all a pleasant experience that soon turned into yet another night to remember.


One thought on ““Experimental Music”

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