International Day of Persons with Disabilities

With every sunrise there comes hope and then fades away as the night falls as the helpless watch each day pass by, with extreme pain and agony faced everyday these unfortunate people lay in their beds, hospitals, wheelchairs hoping someday they would be able to return to normal. Not many have the courage to fight back as life buries them an inch a day.

Today the world that is nothing but all mouth and no action celebrates the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. Being physically handicapped or mentally challenged is a curse on its own. It’s not by choice but usually by accident, negligence or destiny when most of the times you are paying the price of someone else’s mistake that cost you your entire life. People need to realize that people with disabilities also have the same feelings.

Pakistan is one of the many countries with absolutely no regard for the disabled as they are considered a liability for the family and the society. Be it high priced restaurants, shopping centers and places of common use have no disabled access. Rehabilitation centers and equipment are just fruitless commercial organizations that have no interest in anything except making money off the patient’s misery.Public or private transport has no room for such people. The British NHS that was once known for it’s caliber and high has also become worse than ever before, the lack of funds has effected the abilities of the doctors and staff. Everyone regards them as an object that they can pity but not many have the courage to love and care for them.

It’s even more painful for the family and kin of such effected as they watch their beloved die a death each day. I bleed tears watching one of my beloved face such painful life every day for the past ten years but I force myself each day and give her an assurance and hope that she will be fine very soon.


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