Fashion industry in Pakistan

Fashion designing is a complete science that requires formal education and an aesthetic sense. With a rapid rise in self proclaimed designers mushrooming across the country there is lack of quality work, finesse and even understanding of fashion.

Recently I had the pleasure of attending a fashion show, the ramp was filled with all sorts of colors and different designs some bold patterns and a lot of patchwork. Most designer works were nothing but an eye sore, however one local and one US based designers by the name of Desire participating in the event designer did manage to bring out a collection worthy of being featured.


The use of bold patterns and unusual use of fabric and colors was rather striking unfortunately most other designer clothes were an eye sore. Comparing this with the London Fashion Week or the Paris Fashion Week, it seemed like the designers and the organizing teams were unable to understand the essence of a fashion show.

There was a very thin attendance of the general public, there were however some notables from business apex bodies but their intent was perhaps just to mark an attendance as they didn’t seem to know much about fashion. The absence of media and the lack of publicity was one of the major dents in the evening. The organizers claimed that it was their seventh show but it seemed like they would need another seventy to learn how to organize one! Over all there is a room for improvement in this industry and if it’s groomed seriously there is a huge potential.


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