Defining Terrorists & Terrorism

Terrorism has become more of a state of mind rather than a phenomenon that is being sold in the name of fear. There are various types of terrorists across the globe. Some are labeled terrorists because they seek freedom from oppression on their land, most of them do it for money and some do it for power. Top of the list remains occupied by people who are economically supporting illicit activities whether to fuel their own power or to control the people can be termed as economic terrorists.


Terrorist organizations need weapons and money to function and act as hired killers for different organizations across the globe. The sad part is that they do it under a label that makes them religious extremists whilst no religion has got anything to do with terrorism or any sort of innocent killing. The weapons industry is the biggest beneficiary of this phenomenon that is controlled by a handful of people ruling the world. In addition to the increasing gap between the rich and the poor and economic distress invites people to this so called easy way of making money. The banking system that constantly engages people in debts is also a motivating factor as the rich grow more powerful at the expense of the poor and controlling all the commodities enjoy the luxuries of what seems to be the only way for them.  The solution is very simple and straight forward, “kill the mindset”. The thought process which damages the minds of the people needs to be addressed. In order to implement this we need to clarify on platforms that killing of innocent people is not acceptable by any religion and hence we rule out the biggest motivation of Martyrdom and Heaven. Expose the people who are playing with innocent minds! People like Osama Bin Laden or Mujahideen think that they are fighting for Islam whereas the truth is that they were just pawns in the proxy war between USSR and USA. Developing Tolerance and allowing the freedom to follow one’s religious beliefs without the fear of being labeled. Bottom line is live and let live but the vicious circle that engulfs the economic world would never want that! Hence all slaves to the world oligarchs shall never be willing to take the first step!



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