“Saira Peter” A Vocalist Par Excellence

Saira Peter is the first Pakistani origin singer to sing western classical music with such perfection.  Another feather to her cap is the fusion of western and eastern classical music with no break. The first  successful attempt made by a British Pakistani to bring both genres together, over all a pleasant mélange of Tabla, piano, sarangi and various other instrumentals.  Learning to sing from the diaphragm helps her perform effortlessly for several hours without tiring her vocal cords, striking an A minor she sung like a true western classical Opera star at the launching of her album “Resplendent” .


Meticulously trained in the art of Western & Eastern classical singing, Saira holds masters in chemistry as well as History from Queen Mary University London.  A very down to earth personality, with a simple heart, decent attire and absolutely no vulgarity she managed to entertain and mesmerize the audience with her intense vocal capabilities and compositions that truly won hearts at all levels.

Meeting her father was an inspiration as his hard work was reflected in Saira’s performance and behavior.  A highly focused individual, believing in loyalty and giving back to the community he is now committed his life to promoting creativity and Sufism acting as a mentor to several musicians.


Present at the occasion were artists and celebrities from all walks of life, who came to cheer the visiting talent. The look alike artists of Amir Liaqut Hussain, Pervez Musharraf, Yusuf Raza Gilani and Imran Khan also performed during the glorious evening.








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