An Evening of Commedia Dell’ Arte with the Living Legend Marco Luly

20170330_180153It was a warm summer evening at NAPA, where enthusiasts from all walks of life came to witness a rather unique art form of western theater as Marco Luly a living legend brings this dramaturgy to life. The performance completely changed the perception of the fusion and adaptation of the western theater by Pakistani artists.

Marco Luly Performing

On the eve of 31st March 2017 Karachi witnessed an enthralling performance of Commedia Dell’ Arte, originating from northern Italy in the mid of the 15th century that soon became en vogue throughout Europe, evolving over centuries it still preserves its originality. A comical interactive theatrical performance, where the artists wore different tailor made leather masks and costumes that kept the audience constantly engaged. The auditorium, throbbing with life was laced with laughter and applause. In the spur of the moment the performers were at the stage whilst the next they jumped up to the audience. Marco’s super energetic performance supported by our local highly talented artists that left people desiring for more, earning the performers a well deserved standing ovation.

NAPA Students Performing

During our long discussion Marco explained that a vibrant audience is an integral part for Commedia Dell’ Arte as no two acts are identical, the catch remains that there is always an instinctive improvisation by the artists. He also appreciated the local student artists who had learnt and understood this genre in a short span of five days, he further shared his delight on being present in the country and hoped that he would be invited to perform again very soon.

This marvelous evening would not have been possible without the tireless efforts of the Consul General of Italy in Karachi Mr. Gianluca Rubagotti , his dynamic team and the extensive support of H.E Stefano Pontecorvo the Ambassador of Italy in Pakistan.



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