Aboard The FREMM Carabiniere

The magnanimity of FREMM Carabiniere could be appreciated from far away as the marvel of maritime engineering stood docked at Karachi port for on it’s five day visit under the captaincy of “Commander Francesco Pagnotta”.

A state of the art engineering, a completely computerized operating system with highly sophisticated hardware and software, ships can now be steered across rough seas with a touch of a button au contraire to the times when the captain and the crew had to steer large wheels. Essentially equipped with the latest sonar detection systems with an accurate reporting of up to three hundred kilometers, this frigate has a full load capacity of nearly five thousand and nine hundred tons.


Proudly hosting a fighter Helo helicopter safely docked on the ship’s deck capable of carrying external load, missiles and torpedoes if required. The electrical and turbine systems enable the ship to reach a speed of 30 nautical miles. The vessel is furnished with a water recycling system, a state of the art firefighting, safety and security equipment along with three different power generation systems, making it one of the jewels in the Italian Naval Fleet.

The kindness and generosity extended by crew present aboard was greatly appreciated by the local visitors as the crew expressed their pleasure on being in Pakistan and hoped to come again soon. It would be unfair not to mention that hard work put in by Ambassador H.E Stefano Pontecorvo & Consul General Mr. Gianluca Rubagotti and their diligent teams in addition to the hospitality extended by the Pakistan Navy.  We hope to see increased maritime joint ventures beneficial to both countries.




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