Cut the Cable with Iflix!

Iflix comes to cash in the demand for subscription based video on demand market as they make a formal launching in Pakistan with PTCL as their broadband partners. At an event hosted at a local hotel delegates from PTCL and Iflix spoke at the expected success and partnership offering free one year service to all PTCL broadband users with connections of 4 mbps & above.

Christian Toksvig CCO Iflix in a candid discussion expressed his hope and his views on the untapped potential of the market. An affordable business model with an expected monthly subscription of Rs. 300 this could make a big change in how content is now seen. Working in over 20 countries now, Iflix has seen some major success in its domain. Having locally placed servers would allow faster content delivery with primary focus on entertainment. Iflix has reservations regarding running current affairs and sports and they hope to partner with one telecom operator in the near future. The streaming can be seen on up to five screens at one time however the limitation of different content shall only stand at two screens.

As rosy as it may look, we hope that Iflix International doesn’t face difficulties that had become the destiny of its former competitors, although the chances are quite evident in this regard.


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