For the Love of Art

Karachi: Water colors are generally not attributed to serious art and painting but the exhibition at FOMMA art gallery under the patronage of the Mr. Gianluca Rubagotti the Consul General of Italy in Karachi proved that this art form is rather underestimated. Requiring delicate well planned strokes and surgically precise approach by the artists, this was yet another bold step to promote the Italian culture in Pakistan in collaboration with artists from Italy, Portugal and Pakistan.

A journey that begun in Fabriano a small town in Italy known for being a creative city. This exhibition boasts the work of over eighty artists in twenty from Pakistan, twenty from Portugal and forty from Italy. The beautiful collection of paintings lit the walls of the gallery each defining a different story interacting with each soul in a different way, giving some an intense feeling of being loved whilst drawing some in a deep trance of never ending thoughts only to be woken up by the soft aroma of exquisitely prepared Italian delicacies prepared by Il Posto Caffé that tantalized every taste bud.

Despite the hot and humid weather the connoisseurs of art spent countless hours appreciating the mesmerizing collection.


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