Celebrating the 71st National Day of Italy

It was a very warm summer evening by the pool side of a local hotel in Karachi where the Italian Consulate hosted to celebrate the 71st National Day of Italy. It was one of the finest and most unique celebrations of the Italian National Day so far where attention to detail could be witnessed in every aspect of the evening.

A fine evening that exhibited a mélange of culture, art, music, food and diplomacy at its best. Starting with a musical combination of the national anthems of both the countries the evening was followed by a brief but interesting speech by the Consul General Gianluca Rubbagotti and the Governor of Sind M. Zubair shared the fond memories of his stay in Italy during his career at IBM and extended his appreciation for the Consul General and his intensely active personality.112.jpg With a beautiful display of exhibits of haute couture collection by Cristina Senter among others the highlight of the evening was this exquisite dress made using peacock feathers which takes almost 2 years for the peacocks to shed these before they can be used. The truck art painted Vespa, exhibited the history & blend of unique culture between the two countries.

A bridal dress was being painted on by a famous artist with some replications of Italian paintings and a few selected verses of poetry as the model sat on the floating stage in the middle of the swimming pool thus producing a very romantic ambiance. There was a group of five brilliant actors from NAPA mingling with the guests and interpreting characters of commedia dell’ arte that brought yet another Italian entertainment to life during the course of the celebrations

A very well organized dinner was prepared under special guidance by the culinary experts from the Italian Consulate with authentic ingredients flown freshly from abroad. The highlight of the evening was the symphonic series of events that kept the guests immensely entertained with one event after the other time flew by as the evening came to a glorious end, leaving a great impact of pleasant memories. A similarly glorious event was held the night before in Islamabad by Ambassador of Italy in Pakistan H.E Stefano Pontecorvo with an immense support from his wife Mrs. Lidia Ravera Pontecorvo.



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