Sponsorship & Charity a Slave to High Class Pimps & Prostitutes

Sponsorship & charity once used for promoting a product or a noble cause are now slave to pimps and prostitutes in Pakistan. These so called noble courtesans who belong to a certain group of families are nothing but a handful of untrustworthy con artists. The international donor organizations, governmental and semi governmental funding or charitable organizations are playing in the hands of the so called philanthropists of Pakistan, providing them with women, alcohol, drugs and lots of other luxuries in addition to kickback.

There are mostly women at the forefront of this exercise where they flirt with the potential donors and mostly sleep with some selected high paying donors or their linked officials. Thus opening doors of many international charities that rely on their representatives be they diplomatic, businessmen, journalists or otherwise socially active people with a sole target of being photographed at every event.

Media houses who claims to be the so called preachers of nobility do not stand short of anyone in this case. When it comes to bribery, each media group has developed a charity receiving millions of dollars, pounds and Euros for running and promoting different agendas. Hence legitimizing the money and spending only a small fraction of it for ceremonial purposes.

Similar is the case with many autonomous and semi autonomous trade bodies who receive millions and millions of foreign funding in the name of research and development, so called media training and other activities but spend hardly anything, as all the money is siphoned out quietly. Business councils and conferences has become the next big scam with everyone trying to bask in the CPEC glow. However if someone genuinely wants to work for the mutual benefit trying to make a reasonable honest earning, their propositions are swept under the carpet or diplomatically swayed away in the name of lack of funds and blamed on government policies.


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