Pakistan a story of C’s

Pakistani’s have come under the sea of C’s and they have a constant impact on our lives.

The 18th June 2017 victory in Cricket in the Champion’s trophy under the Captaincy brought happiness for the nation after several years of drought in the Cricket history. China a big “C” in Asia has brought some serious changes in Pakistan particularly with regard to CPEC that could’ve been a great opportunity but thanks to our corrupt leaders the common man will not be able to benefit from it. Our C grade news channels have been desperately trying to ensure their funding keeps going no matter how they have to manipulate the people. Change has been the vital slogan of any party right now who exhibits to be fighting against the status quo. The collective efforts of Imran Khan a former Captain of the Pakistan Cricket team turned politician has been running from pillar to post to motivate people against Corruption and elect him as the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Corruption has been the hottest selling slogan of the decade where everyone has been exposed in some way or the other. The honorable Courts have addressed the present government as God Father and the Sicilian mafia. Politicians that are a result of a Coup d’état who’s Courtesans have brought the government in a fighting stance thanks to their ridiculous suggestions and policies are destroying the country. The US Centcom has been constantly meddling in Pakistan playing its proxy wars through our rented leaders. The Command & Control of our establishment has been a slave to Corruption and are constantly destroying the Chances for our future generations. This imbalance of C’s is creating a great Chaos for all involved except the handful of beneficiaries who are Chilling despite everything.


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