Celebrating 1 year of the Failed Coup D’Etat

It’s been a year Turkey experienced a difficult situation where hours before the coup of the Erdogan government, a single call to the followers on Face time brought hundreds of thousands out on the roads, some lay in front of the tanks whilst other’s revolted against the terrorists hence the failed coup d’état. Today turkey celebrates the event that brought many changes to its governance and economy. The Turkish government blames Fetheullah Gülen and his separatist/terrorist (as perceived by the Turkish government) movement. The honourable Consul General of Turkey in Karachi Mr. Murat M. Onart held a press conference at his residence on 13th July 2017 to commemorate the victory of the people’s government over the Fetheullah Gülen’s organisation. The press conference begun with a short video presentation of what happened during the attempted coup d’ état and how the people reacted had a great impact in this situation. murat Talking about the modus apprendi of Fetheullah Gülen’s organisation he further said that they had penetrated the governmental organisations and key posts over a period of 40 years. Police, armed forces, foreign services, administration, judiciary and other key institutions stood compromised. As if swearing a secret oath the members of this organisation came to believe in what Fetheullah Gülen told them and as an underground society they were present everywhere just not identifiable. However just like every other criminal organisation they made the same mistake of using the modern technology a mobile application to communicate with each other which was the first step in identifying the culprits behind this terrorist coup. The cleanup operation has resulted in removal of approximately 50% of the people who were holding key posts having affiliation with the Fetheullah Gülen’s organisation. “They have international followers as well” he said. This horrific attempted coup cost many innocent lives, a lot of key installation suffered a great loss. There was also an assassination attempt on President Erdogan and the Prime Minister’s life. Despite the fact that Turkey has been fighting BKK who has killed almost 40 thousand people in a span of 30 years the Turkish Government would welcome a peaceful solution. There are still a number of court cases against the rebellion.

In response to a question he said that Turkey has still made a 5% economic growth this year despite the attempted coup d’état and is still progressing quite rapidly. In reply to another question he said that the protests are strong signal confirming that democracy is still strongly prevalent in Turkey. The press conference was followed by refreshments and a candid discussion with the Consul General.



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