My Question to the World

In this temporary abode of earth which every soul shall leave after spending a given time why have we become so inhuman? Why are we creating fights, conflicts over something that none could retain. Have they not seen of what happened to those before them? who were much bigger in strength, wealth and power! Syria has over 2 million asylum seekers/refugees/internally displaced affected by the ongoing conflict out of which 0.8 million are under 12 years and a total of 1 million are under 18. These are approximate figures of people that have managed to leave the country. Just recently … Continue reading My Question to the World

The Puppets called Ministers

People have been declaring the ministers and elected representatives corrupt but in reality 90% of the elected representatives have no control over their departments which are run in accordance with the laws of corruption by the bureaucracy. I once read somewhere “the British have created a missile that doesn’t work and cannot be fired, it’s called a civil servant”. As nontraditional as it many sound the truth is that these bureaucrats are manipulating the ministers and ministries with their techniques and well trained habits of corruption. When practicing illegitimate deeds these masters of manipulation blame it all on the elected … Continue reading The Puppets called Ministers

President Xi Jinping, A straight forward No nonsense Man.

China a country with thousands of years of history, culture and moral values is beyond doubt one of the fastest growing economy in Asia headed by H.E Xi Jinping the Honorable president of People’s Republic of China. His present position in politics is not by inheritance but a result of extreme hard work and dedication. Xi Jinping was born in June 1953 in Fuping, Shaanxi, Northwest China. He started to work in January 1969, and joined the Communist Party of China in January 1974. His graduated in the major of Marxist theory and ideological and political education from the College … Continue reading President Xi Jinping, A straight forward No nonsense Man.

The …………….Pissed Off Foreign Minister

The vested interests of the politicians of Pakistan have brought us down to the day where we have to listen to some ridiculous minister blabbering on our national security matters and questioning our foreign policy decisions. UAE has always been considered the Gulf of Persia by Iran and hence has always been under a threat of invasion. UAE has been very kind to the Muslim ummah and the rest of the south Asia and the Arab world providing them with a safe haven for hosting illicit gains, enjoying prostitution of various kinds and varieties, alcohol along with all the other … Continue reading The …………….Pissed Off Foreign Minister