The New Breed of Generals

Nawaz Sharif has always had a weakness for placing his loyalists in every substantial position. Sources confirm that the expected retirees have had been said to have a soft corner for Musharraf and behind the scenes supporting Qadri and Imran Khan of PTI which Imran and his allies had confirmed in their various speeches.

DG ISI lt. Gen Zaheerul Islam along with Corps Commander Mangla Lieutenant General Tariq Khan, Corps Commander Gujranwala Lieutenant General Saleem Nawaz, Corps Commander Peshawar Lieutenant General Khalid Rabbani and Corps Commander Karachi Lieutenant General Sajjad Ghani come to an end of their glorious careers. Nawaz has been known to let power get to his head and this has been his history. His chief or rather cheap advisors / courtesans have always been suggesting ways for him to drown. The salt and pepper brothers Khawaja Asif and Saad Rafiq have always made blunders and assisted political suicides for Sharif. This means GEO will also bounce back and definitely try to prosecute the retired generals with ample support from PML-N trying to make democratic history.

The question remains the same, who will win? The sodomized people or the corrupt politicians?


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